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5 Volunteers Needed for Facial Reflex Therapy of Trauma Release

Trauma - defined by as a noun for a physical injury, damage or wound and/or a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

By definition trauma incorporates a physical aspect as well as an emotional aspect. Both of these experiences are stored in our tissue. While we move on from a traumatic event, the memory is still stored in our body.

There are many modalities out there that help to release trauma from the body. Myofascial Release is one of them. MFR deals with the physical aspects of traumatic experiences as well as allowing for the emotional aspects to be released.

I recently attended a class for facial reflex therapy that helps us to eliminate the emotional aspect from our tissue. It can handle recent trauma or old trauma by helping to release the emotions from our body.

Reflex therapy is most widely known by most people as foot reflexology. Did you know there is also hand, ear and face reflex therapies as well?

This particular class I attended was the Lone Sorenson system of reflex therapy. I thought that removing the emotional aspect of trauma from the tissue was a great adjunct to Myofascial Release and would be beneficial to many of my clients.

In order for me to become proficient in this facial reflex therapy for trauma release, I need to practice....and that's where you come in!

I am looking for 5 people who are willing to let me practice the protocols on them. It entails a 60 minute commitment of 3 sessions over a month's period.

To be clear, facial reflex therapy is NOT a facial. No hot towels, no cleansers or masques. There is a little bit of rose hip seed oil used to lubricate the facial skin, but that is all. I will work various neuropoints and plexus on your face in a specific order.

This offer is open to both women and men and beards and mustache's are generally not a problem. I'd actually appreciate working on men with facial hair. It would help my skills develop.

If you are interested, or have further questions, you can simply let me know by responding to this email and I will contact you to set up the three sessions.

There is no cost for these sessions as I am still in the learning stage. Once I am proficient with the protocols I will be charging $70.00 for each session.

Don't miss out!

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